Help w/ Git Teamwork Exercise 2!


Hello Codecademy,

The instructions are:
1. The Git remote Sally started is called:


Enter the command to clone this remote. Name your clone:


I've provided the link to the exercise below.

I'm using the clone command git clone but I'm not sure what to put after that. I've tried the following.

git clone science-quizzes my-quizzes
git clone my-quizzes
git clone science-quizzes
git clone science-quizzes
git clone /Users/teachers/Documents/science-quizzes etc.

I get alternating errors messages that say either fatal: destination path 'science-quizzes' already exists and is not an empty directory. or fatal: repository '/Users/teachers/Documents/some-remote' does not exist.

I don't know what command to type to clone the file. Please help!



Try git clone science-quizzes my-quizzes


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