Help Verifying Class > Object > Instance

I just need a little help making sure I understand the VERY basic concept of Classes, Objects, and Instances.

Is a good analogy for this that a class is a blueprint for a house, the object is the neighborhood made from those blueprints, and the instance is a resident in that hypothetical neighborhood?

Sorry if this sounds a little messy, this was an area I got stuck in during my Java college class and I’m searching for some type of analogy to associate this to in my head.

I guess I’d think of it this way:
If a class is a blueprint for a house, the object would be a house (made using those blueprints), and an instance would be a specific house, like “the blue house at the corner of Maple Street and Tulip Avenue”.
But I usually don’t distinguish between an object and a specific instance of a class.


Thank you so much, it feels like I hit this area and get bogged down in terminology. I’ll make a note of this for myself to refer back to! :smile: