Help undersatnding public, private and static in C#

Hello, I am just trying to understand using public and private with static.
I understand static constructors cannot be labelled with public or private.
However, can someone clarify properties, field and classes please?
If a property is static, then it already can only be accessed within the class itself.
What is the purpose of having a private or public static property as below?
Thank you :smiley:

public static int ForestsCreated
get { return forestsCreated; }
private set { forestsCreated = value; }

The static keyword doesn’t mean that a property or method can only be accessed within the class, but that you can access it directly from the class without first instantiating an object. The print/write methods on the Console class are static; you do not create a Console object and then call its methods. You just use Console.WriteLine(), calling the WriteLine method directly on the Console class.

Public and private are different in that they affect which classes are allowed to interact with them.


Great explanation. Thank you !

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