Help trying to get my page hosted on github

I cant afford to pay for hosting just for this so I was trying to use the github free hosting to try and get it out there.

Sadly I can not get it to work I would appreciate it if someone would have a look for me.

did you check this guide on the tips and resources section of the forum?

you need to make a gh-pages branch, it is also all explained here, just select project site -> start from scratch

I tried that and it did not work the way the guide describes it and I also can not find a way to create a branch let alone a gh-pages branch.

It says the page does not exist.

actually, if you want to do it properly you should install git on your computer

You can just click the branch button:

which will then give this:

you can just type a name of a branch you want to create, in your case gh-pages. Github needs this branch, to tell where the hosted files are.

Ok managed that but the pages branch does not show up on the desktop program only the website.

So should that be it or do I have find a way to copy and paste all my files into this new branch?

you need to sync changes? I assumed you do have basic github understanding? You need to use pull to fetch and merge changes.

Yes, all the pages you want to host should be in the gh-pages branch.

I have 0 understanding only found this github thing today when I try to “pull” I get:

“There isn’t anything to compare. master and gh-pages are identical.”

Nothing happens.

pff… i am sorry, but i am not going to explain the basics of github to you, github has a free course very the very basic stuff, i recommend that.

you can use git branch to see the branches, and git checkout to switch branches

someone took the time to look at my code from a reddit forum, turns out the problem was that I needed to change one letter in my file name.

Thanks for the help anyway.