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Hi I am on Full -Stack-engineer course
so i a bit not sure about this part of code: src=“” controls> src=“”/> so why controls goes at the back and when we use embed tag , what different between embed and video?

We need more context. What is being asked of you?

Can you also please use the </> button in the post editor to format your code?

Hi there!

It is better to share a URL to the lesson you are talking about. However, I am familiar with what you are asking, so I pulled it up real quick.

As the lesson mentions, <embed> is a deprecated element and it’s preferred to use a more semantic element such as <video>, <audio>, or <img> to embed media in a website.

controls does not need to go in the back. The video controls will still be visible even if you have controls in the front of the opening tag. However, it may make more sense to have information more pertinent to development at the front of the opening tag so it’s easier to find—which is why src is typically first.

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Hi @kirativewd I try to share URL but was lucky l am beginner in this chat need a bit more practice) Thanks fro your clear explanation.

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