Help to choose the right path


I’m the owner of a small company here and am proud to say that I did my own website with the small bits of HTML and CSS knowledge that I have. I’m now looking to crank it up a notch.

My new project would be to code my very own web based inventory manager.

I’m really just starting to learn about JavaScript here. I had in my head that I would need to learn about SQL databases too to be able to build something responsive and kinda future proof.

I would be very grateful if you guys could share your input on what tech I should focus on. I’m kinda convinced in my head that I’m on the right track but since I don’t have a mentor, I may be waaayyyy off.

Hope to learn a great deal from Codecademy and you guys!


Sounds like a plan!
Indeed you’ll want to learn about SQL and databases.
JavaScript is also a very good idea.

Check this out for inspiration:

So, you’re on the right track. HTML/CSS/JavaScript/SQL are essential.


@ghostlovescore Thanks!

Anyone got a recommendation on where to learn SQL databases? Doesn’t seem to be offered at codecademy.



And this would be a good start I think:

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