Help to build my idea?

hi, bro! i just learn python for over 1 month and …
i am learning python on codecademy, when i studying the lesson about dictionaries and list, “shopping at the market”
i have an idea !
i wanna write a software which will update the number of products remain in the store, update price of the product, update number of days to expiry date

*) i will have a interface for user key in the number of products, the price when they want to change manually

*) the software will update number of days to expiry date by reading the date on computer of that day and subtract to the date in dictionaries for expiry date

*) i will update the number of product in store when some product be sold. this dictionaries will update when ? because when one product to be sold, the RFID device will reads the price on that product, i want each time the RFID device reads the price, we can recognize what is that product, and immediately update to the dictionaries of number of product in software
but i dont know HOW TO KNOW When RFID reads price of product so that i can update the number of product in software ?
and HOW TO KNOW WHAT product has been selling ? (I MEAN HOW TO GET INFORMATION FROM RFID device )

please tell me or give me some advice ?

Hi @devsolver01297,

If I understand correctly, you will need to talk to the manufacturer of your device or look up the documentation that came with it to learn how to interact with your RFID device or what kind of data you can get out of it. Once you are able to access data generated from your device, you’ll need to find the best way you can send it to python.

Could be through a simple file, maybe some kind of driver, through an API (application programming interface) or SDK (software developement kit), through a database…

Either way, good luck with your project! :slight_smile:

first of all, i wanna say thanks to you @denisaltroy
through your answer i guess you own a good skill on software.
especially on android, ios, web code… ^!^
as I said, i just start to learn programing. so my skills is very low :frowning:
that why i just want to share my ideal, maybe someone interesting and help me to do it.

@devsolver01297: No matter how skilled you are right now, it is through projects like yours that you will earn experience and develop your skills.

That being said, your project might seem quite simple at first glance but could prove to be much more complex than you imagine… :smile:

The secret would be to break it down into pieces and take one piece at the time so as to not become discouraged. These are examples of steps you could take to progress with your project:

  1. You could start by mapping the logic of your project using a flow chart on a piece of paper.
  2. You could start trying to code the logic with Python and see if it works with manual input (yourself typing item numbers with your keyboard)
  3. Once your logic is working in Python, you could try to store your data in a database (SQLite? SQL?)
  4. After that you could start thinking of a user interface and a way to create it (HTML? Javascript? Django Framework?)
  5. Then you could start playing with barcodes and try to read them with your phone.
  6. Then use your phone barcode reader and web browser to input barcodes into your user interface…
  7. And so on!

I believe that more than enough to get you started… :slight_smile:

@denisaltroy you help me open my eye !
your advice is a big help to me. to response to your enthusiastic i promise i will do this project.
but first i think i have to finish my programing course to have more better knowledge on python. then i start that.
as your hints above, i think i now have my insight way to do it step by step dispite it requires much more skills and knowledge ^^!
flow chart --> SQlite, sql --> html, javascript diango franework --> barcodes — > phone …
you really make me want to cry because i was waste half of my life to do stupid thing instead of learning those things (i dont even know what are they ) !

sincerely thanks! @denisaltroy

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