Help T_T One selector, many properties


working out with the css style practice, its says that

{{{{{{{{{Underneath your color: green property-value pair
 (but before the final }!), 
set the font-family to Garamond and the font-size to 24px."
 i did as same as the instruction.}}}}}}}}

but the result :
{{{{{{{{ "Oops, try again.
It looks like your paragraph isn't in the font Garamond."}}}}}}

p {
    font-family: Garamond;
    color: green;    

help me get through this, thanks good people.


can you post your full html and css code?





the style attribute you use in the html file is wrong, there should be a colon after font-family, but for the exercise i recommend to remove the style attribute altogether.


can u write down the code? i am newbie.. :slight_smile:


line 8 of your html code, you use the style attribute, after font-family you have a equal sign, this should be a colon

But this exercise should be done with css, not the style attribute.

remove the style attribute from the paragraph opening tag so you just have: <p>You're about etc


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