Help stuck with Sql business metrics dau 2

IAM stuck with the daily active users 2nd part my code is
select date(created_at),platform,count(distinct user_id) as dau from gameplays group by 1 order by 1 can anyone help me with the right code? thanks in advance.

Can you post a link to the exercise?

i got it sorted now. thanks for replying.

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No problem, glad you were able to figure it out.

IAM stuck again in arpu 2 in sql: business metrics could you help me out . the code i have written is

with daily_revenue as (
date(created_at) as dt,
round(sum(price), 2) as rev
from purchases
where refunded_at is null
group by 1
select * form daily_revenue order by
dt; but it is showing error this is the link kindly help me. thanks

Your code looks correct, what does the error say?

It isn’t showing anything might be a bug could you go through the link and try to run it. it is not even showing get code option so as to get to the next page.

It’s not a bug, when I ran it I got the following error “Error: near line 52: near “form”: syntax error”. Look closely at your last select statement, you have a small typo.

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I didn’t get the error message when i run it anyways it is sorted now. Thankyou.

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It showed up at the bottom right corner at the end of the query results window. I know when I went through this course sometimes the errors would show sometimes they wouldn’t, it was rather frustrating.

Glad you got it sorted out though!

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