Help! stuck on HTML basics II - not accepting brown background


really keen to move forward, but can’t. keep getting the error message: “Oops, try again. Make sure you set the body’s background-color to brown.”

is something wrong with my code?

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>Sexy background color!</title>
	<body style="background-color: brown;" />


You have a / at the end of your body tag. It should work if you remove that


:pray: thank you thank you thank you


I’m experiencing a similar problem.


It comes out as red.


Hi You didn’t Close your open Tag <ol>


Isn’t it closed under the

  • Barcelona FC
  • ?


    Yes But I’m talking about

    <ol   style="background-color: yellow;" --- its missing The >


    Ah, got it! now it works for both. Thanks!