HELP! Stuck in the UNIT 4 LESSON 6


I'm stuck in the Unit 4 lesson 6 of the New Make a Website course.

Just couldn't pass exercise 2, and there's no mistakes in my code. I even used the recommodation code after several failure, with the same result.

It's an easy one, so there might be a bug here.
Could you please check this out ? @ryan

Thank you.


If there 100% is no mistake in your code maybe try a different browser ? :slightly_smiling:
Im sorry if it isn't this i didn't do bootstrap yet, same with the new make a website.
But I've had a similar problem and changing browser works almost always.


could you pls paste in your code so I could have a look


Thank you for your advice.
I tried something else, and found out it's my network connection problem.
I solved it using vpn.
Sometimes the connection to Codecademy is poor from China.


Thank you.
Found the reason. It's my network connection problem.


A post was split to a new topic: after several tries for sometime now. here is my code:


One more from China.But there is no a Chinese forum.