Help! Still stuck on lesson 6


I've redone this lesson several times and it just keeps telling me "Oops try again" and I have no idea where I keep going wrong, it really is getting quite frustrating. I've retyped, I've copied code, I truly dont know what to do next. Below is my latest "submission" :frowning:


exercise 11/14 adding images? you need xml syntax, which means you need a space between .jpg" and />, also you hould have one doctype, body, html etc,i suggest removing 11 till end of file


Redid it and its moaning about an image URL, I made sure it was a jpg, so I dont know what its referring to to be honest


why do we have to work with images? right, i suggest you remove your </head> closing from line 9 since you already have a head closing tag on line 5, and your body tag (which as i see in the image) is on line, i suggest you make that a closing tag, and then on line 11 add a html closing tag (</html>)

SCT is nasty on this exercise, you can't have a space between src= and "http://


1st, This is not lesson 6, it's 11 and this is so messed up I'm almost crying, I don't want to spend hours explaining it but here's my code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<img src="" />
		<img src="" />

Compare mine to yours to see the difference, that's the best way to learn.