HELP! : reverse


The error says it returns none instead of !nohtyP when reverse("Python!") is executed

I think it actually works

def reverse(text):
    text = str(text)
    for c in range(len(text)):
    for i,a in enumerate(text):
        please[len(text) - i-1]=a
    for a in please:
        h+= a
    print str(h)


Try return h instead of print str(h)

Also, here is how I did it in case you want to see a different way

def reverse(text):
    for n in range(len(text)-1,-1,-1):
    return rev_text


Awesome! appreciate it


When you code in codecademy's editor, always use return in functions unless its said to print something, and your welcome :slight_smile:


Could you please explain the function of the -1 s added to this?


Well, the range() function works like this

range([start], stop[, step])

start: Starting number of the sequence.
stop: Generate numbers up to, but not including this number.
step: Difference between each number in the sequence.

Since we want to reverse the word we start from the last letter hence len(text)-1, the reason for stop=-1 is because indices in list go from 0 and not from 1. So if we want to work with the character on index 0 we need to stop at -1. And the step is -1, meanining count from len(text) backwards with step -1.

Hope this makes it clear


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