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Hi All,

I have been learning the Python language for the last few weeks, and still trying to “get into it”. I am at the Control Flow section after finishing the Functions Courses (the latter parts truly confused me and kinda demotivated me to continue) which I am about to start this afternoon with. Honestly, I am finding it difficult to continue because I am genuinely finding this challenging; it might be because I don’t know what I truly want from this program (Learning on the side or an alternative career), or maybe it is because I do not have a goal to work towards. I have no idea what my end game is, and how to apply this for a personal project.

My general sway of thought would be to create a simple mobile game (like flappy bird for example) - something tangible and something I can be proud of. I don’t even know if Python is the right for this line of thinking. As an extension to a mobile game I would like to branch out into iPhone App Development.

The other demotivating aspect is what I mentioned before that I am finding it challenging to remember all the rules, or to read the theory and practice the exercise. I have this odd thought in my mind that everyone is able to understand functions (or anything really) first try, and that I am the only one who does not understand certain aspects, and then gets frustrated and too annoyed to watch YouTube clips to get a better understanding of the topic.

Hello @smokey_rasta_sa, welcome to the forums!

This completely confused me as well; don’t worry, being confused is normal! The way I got around it was to keep trying to use functions, and think of real-world (actual projects-not just practise) examples of when they might be useful. I got over it, and you will too!

You don’t necessarily need to know an end game; I started just for fun, but it would help if you set yourself a small project, something like ‘I am going to make a text-based game’, or ‘I am going to make a little program to help me with my daily (something small you wish was automated)’.

This is a good goal to have, and it should be achievable.

Python probably isn’t the best, but don’t worry! Python is the perfect language to learn with, and once you get a handle on Python, any other language (Object Oriented, that is) will come easily.

That’s ok; learning a programming language from scratch is hard. Just take your time. If you need to, step back, and take a break. Slow down, and revise lessons, we’ve all been there. A good way to remember things is to revisit each concept and set yourself a really small project (like the instructions in the lessons), even something as simple as ‘make a program that multiplies two number, then adds a third to that result’. Whatever it is, do it on your own (with some help from Google if needed). This is a great way to cement knowledge. Then after you finish, revisit the concept’s lessons, and see if you can make the program better after revisiting the lessons.

That is not true. I got terribly stuck with functions. But keep going, and revisiting.

If you find yourself getting annoyed, take a break, and go for a walk. Then next time you go to do some coding, start with tutorials and videos about the concepts you’ve just done. Then move on. This will help you cement it.

I hope this helps and happy coding!


Hi @codeneutrino

I really appreciate your message. You usually get these very one sentence like answers that doesn’t really provide you with guidance :grinning:

I am going to take your advice by being okay revising sessions (I am going to restart Functions tomorrow followed by a small project post this).

I have a last question (it may be a stupid one but what the ■■■■); is there a Python Console, or program I can create my personal projects with that you recommend?


best answer ever… incredible our paths are so similiar about how its feels to learn to code!

@smokey_rasta_sa, there are a few online compilers that allow you to code in Python, the best one, I would say, is ( It allows you to code in many different languages, definitely including Python!
Happy coding!

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