Help! Putting this code online with a Chromebook

Hello, I’m trying to see how my code from this course would look if I actually opened it in a web browser. I’ve watched several youtube videos where people save the file in Notepad as a .html file and then just put the address of the file in the address bar of the web browser. But I’m using a Chromebook and I don’t have access to Notepad… Chromebooks run all Google apps and when I put the code into Google docs I don’t really even have the option to save it. There is a share option, but I can’t put the document into .html and I’m not even sure it has an address.

Really my only complaints with codecademy is that they don’t give you a walk through on how to actually open up and use your code. I completed the whole JS class and I didn’t even know how to open the developer tools console.

Any help would really be appreciated here, thanks in advance!!

I use a Chromebook for school, so I recommend getting Editey from the google store. Just search Editey and select the HTML/Web Development Version.

I’ve downloaded Editey and it seems like a pretty cool text editor for code. But I’m still not sure how I can do what I’m trying to do. I still don’t even see a save option! I want to save my code as an html file and open it in a web browser. When I press the “share” button, which is what I assume to be similar to save.?. I get this message “Application ‘768101752375’ is not authorized to access item “0B6uzUPIFxUWBZnJYUHVickxGMnM”.” cadecodes, when you use Editey can you open your code as a website in a browser?

Sorry if this seems redundant but I’d really like to see the code as a website as opposed to just in another Codecademyesque console.

I have no experience with editey, but for chromebook there is sublime text, which is really cool. You can fairly simple create a a .html file, pretty much in the same fashion as notepad, then simple open the file (like you open a normal file, double click it), it should open in your browser

The console depends on your browser, in firefox it is in menu -> developer -> web console or you can simple do ctrl + shift + k (in my case)