Help printing multiple things in a function

I’m trying to make a function in Python 3, in which multiple things are printed. Obviously I can’t put multiple Returns in a function for each thing I want printed, but if I put ‘print()’ for each thing, and then when I call the function by putting ‘print(function)’ it ends up printing ‘None’ on a separate line at the end,

How should I correctly write a function so that it prints multiple lines and doesn’t have ‘None’ print as well.

each time you call the print(), the result will be on a new line. You can also use the new line character (\n) to print multiple things on separate lines

or you could use a multi-line string, there are several possibilities.

Then don’t call print() function on your function call? This way, you won’t print the return value (or rather the absence of a return value)

Ok, I was being incredibly stupid and forgot you can just call them without print()… :sweat_smile:

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