Help pls


when i complete this part:
Next, add the href attribute to the element and set it equal to /style.css.
Take a look at the web page in the browser to the right. Do you notice any changes?

and press run nothing happens


could you provide the code you are using ...!!!


@rasgulla Did you add the href element in the "link" tag properly? Are you sure there are no typos?
You should notice some changes in like font color and stuff if you did it right. Can you attach a screenshot perhaps?


I cannot get the code to work either, and I did the same thing as you. When I have the code within the < style >…code…< /style > brackets it works, but I cannot seem to link it when I put it into the < style.css > bracket like: < style.css …code… >.


There is no such tag as <style.css>…</style.css>.
I think you have misunderstood the instructions.Add this.

<link href="/style.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet">


i copied and pasted that in the html file and it still didnt work. If i copy the CSS code back into the html file it works just fine. When i remove that and try to link it again it does nothing. so i think it is safe to say i did the just fine but there seems to be something off with the linking I am trying to do. But i have no idea what that is.


ok i got it. The between the … needs to be removed aswel and then it works just fine. Thank you all for help and sorry for wasting anyones time