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can someone help me with this exercise? --->


Ok so in this particular lesson in Tip Calculator 4.) Reassign in a Single Line you are asked to reassign the meal to equal itself + itself * tax. You should have meal = 44.50 and tax = 0.0675 and tip = 0.15 at this point. So below tip you want to add what the instructions have told you to add! "reassign meal" means that instead of meal equaling 44.50 this time it will equal whatever follows so you should start out with meal = . "to the value of itself + itself * tax" This gives us the other side of our equation. Meal = Meal + (itself refers to meal) meal (another itself) * tax (this one is as is since tax is tax) Therefore your final reassign in total should look like this:

meal = meal + meal * tax


aahh!!!! thanks so much : ) get it now :grinning:


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