Help please


hello guys:
i have complete this (practice makes perfect) by copy and past your codes, i understand the code when i see it but before that i didn't figure it myself, please help : should i keep going or should start another course for the begginers? before this (practice makes perfect) i did every things right and i have thought that i understand it but now i'm afraid that i'm not.
ps: i'm new at python and i love it.
please forgive my english


This is the next step in learning to programming, creating the program yourself. That you have to design the program. I would be surprised when you wouldn't struggle.

You should just keep going, and come back later here and do the practice make perfect track again. But then take it in steps, write it down, what are the steps, how could i solve them? write them in pseudo code if you have to.

Yes, many people struggle here, which isn't strange. But it will make you a better programmer. Keep going, programming is struggilng sometimes, but that actually makes you better


thanks man that was really helpful


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