Help please?


here my code :

my_message =,to)


Please what exactly is the question?

Please posting well formatted code and error or what you intend to achieve will make it easy.



Forge an Object in the Fires of Mount Ruby.
Actually i dont understand how to store the result in my_message.


After your class, create a variable called my_message.
Create an instance of your Message class using with whatever from and to arguments you want! Store the result in my_message.

here my code :slight_smile:
class Message
my (from,to)


If I get you well enough, to create a Message class, you need to do this:

class Message
    def initialize(from, to)
        @from = from
        @to = to

But to then create an instance using and store in my_message, you do this:

my_message ="Lagos", "Abuja")

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: