Help please

Sorry if this isn’t related to Codecademy. I’m starting a project to follow up finishing the PHP course. I have to redesign a website from scratch and I am confused as to where to start. Some assistance would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!

so you created a website with html + css (and javascript, optional), right? So that is good, now what is your question? How to include php? If you want to include php, for windows, try xampp.

Publishing your website? Check the tips and resource section (in community) on the forum, contain some useful guides

Why would I need xammp? Can’t I just use the php tags? Sorry if this is a silly question, I’m quite new to programming

PHP is a server side language it doesn’t run on the browser like HTML, CSS it requires a server.

have a look at this or this

you don’t need xammp, but it is by far the easiest way to set up php. Now, you need a webserver (since php is a server side language), you can also set up the webserver (apache) and then add php to it, but that is more difficult.

xammp preconfigures a lot, which is by far the best since you are new to programming