Help Please!

The ctrl on my keyboard does not work and I cannot move past this step because of it (it may be because this is an ipad with a bluetooth keyboard

well, the easiest solution would be a different computer with a working control key

you could also use vim, another command line text-editor, to open/create hello.txt with vim type: vim hello.txt

but vim is very complicated text-editor to use, this is what you need to do after opening vim with vim hello.txt. Press i, this will get you in insertion mode (it should say so at the bottom)

then type the text, Hello, I am nano.

then press esc (escape key), then type :wq

which should save (w of write) and quit the file, and hopefully pass the exercise

if you get stuck in this editor, which might happen, press the escape key a few times, and then type :q!, which means quit without saving changes

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Thank you stetim94!!

Did it work? Not sure the exercise approves it using a different editor, and vim is difficult to use

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At first it did but the esc key brings me to the ipad homescreen.[Update: the esc key does not exist on this keyboard but there is an equivalent key which I used]

in the terminal, type:

echo "imap jj <Esc>" >> ~/.vimrc

and hope that codecademy allows it. now pressing jj in insertion mode (within vim) should act as the escape key.

i should really find a different PC if i where you, you are making things very complicated for yourself

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I am setting up a raspberry Pi Computer, That is why I am learnig Terminal.

Yes, then the terminal is particular useful. But a computer for the codecademy course is recommended. Also, for your raspberry, set up SSH server, then you can just operate the raspberry from a computer, once you have setup SSh you can setup VNC for a graphical interface

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What is VNC ??
Also, I have ordered a keyboard but it will not arrive this week.

Virtual Network Computing, which allows you to view your raspberry pi on a different computer within the same network. So the raspberry pi can be used on its own (without screen). VNC can also be virtual, so even though your raspberry is only running a command line interface (CLI), we can still view a GUI (graphical user interface) of the raspberry, on a different computer.

if we google raspberry vnc we get this:

which is quit useful.

Or did you plan to use the raspberry as an actual computer with a screen attached to it? Not so common, but possible, then you don’t need VNC

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I am using the pi as it’s own computer for the most part.
However I want to be able to SSH into it for updates and terminal.

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