! Help Please, with Magic 8 Ball Project ! - iOS Developer Career Path

i get a lot of error’s when trying to study Swift.
I used the code that i practised in the Magic 8 Ball project from the iOS Developer Career Path, but i get a lot of error’s (already tried to change some of the ‘let’ to ‘var’, but seems to still have error’s) What am i doing wrong here? anyone has some advice?:

Here are a few things to consider:

  • If you want to declare eightBall as a constant variable without initialization, then you should use:
let eightBall: String

If it doesn’t need to be a constant, you could do:

var eightBall = ""
  • Your cases are numbers, so your switch expression should also be a number.
// You wrote:
switch eightBall {
    case 1:  

// Change it to:
switch randomNumber {
    case 1:  
  • You also have typos in your print statements. You wrote     \(playername)     instead of     \(playerName)     and     \(eighBall)     instead of     \(eightBall)
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Thanks for the help @mtrtmk

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