Help Please :) Slideshow Fade

Hey guys hopefully this is the right place for the this post i have a slideshow with a few different pictures as a banner with a 5second interval using javascript, but its not complete just yet, to make it look appealing i am wanting to have the images fadein on change i have tried animate.css trick, doesn’t do anything and have tried completely changing it to use a jquery method which also doesn’t suit the website and just makes everything stack or completely disappear. If there is a simple CSS trick or javascript method it would be so muchly appreciated i have been trying to do this for days and its starting to drive me a little loco haha.
Thanks guys :smiley:

This is how my javascript slideshow works. see as an example

var slideShowPosition = 0; //current position in slideshow
var slideDuration = 5; //slide duration -- in seconds
var slideTransitionDuration = 1;

		$("#SlideShow").fadeTo(slideTransitionDuration*1000, 0,function(){
			$("#SlideShow").fadeTo(slideTransitionDuration*1000, 1);

function ImageLoader()
	load = [
	slideShow = new Array();
		slideShow[i] = new Image() //store directory as a new image
		slideShow[i].src = loaderArray[i];

function GetNextSlide()
	if(slideShowPosition >= slideShow.length)
		slideShowPosition = 0;
	return slideShow[slideShowPosition].src