Help please : Python course reinitialised ...!


Hello Guys, nice to meet you !

Looks like there is a bug with my account… I was learning some Python since 3/4 months (“Introduction to Bitwise Operators - Interactive Lesson” for yesterday) and suddenly, this morning, I couldn’t access my regular course.

I have been put back to the beginning of the course … and now I’m kinda sad : I can’t work my Python today as I can’t skip all previous lessons !!

Can someone help me with this matter ?

Thank you i advance,
Erwan Demont


Hi Erwan,

I’m having issues to. My progress through the python course hasn’t reset, but it appears all courses have reverted back to the page design from a couple years ago and no longer use he modern codecademy course design. I don’t know what’s happened, but I hope they fix it soon.



Edit: Sorry, ignore me - the layout of the python course from today is the modern layout - it was the old layout previously. I must have just done a more modern course before python and therefore thought this newer layout is the old layout - hopefully that makes sense :confused:


The same thing happen to me but I was able to trace back where I stopped. .Here is the tip:
go to catalog from the top menu bar
scroll down an click on learn python
click resume
this should get you to where u stopped last time
enjoy coding!


Unfortunately, it is not working for me …
I was around 66% of the course and now I’m 4%.


Can someone from Codecademy IT support help me, please ?

I sure won’t start over from the beginning of the course …

Thank you !


Thank you for your reply, manny14.

After i resume the course i get an error like
"9/ has been moved. This will cause problems with this exercise, please move 9/ back to its original location, or reset your files"
and there are 2 options - Reset files and OK. If you choose OK nothing happens. If you choose Reset files you see a new message
" Reset your files?

This will overwrite your existing files, and reset your progress to the beginning of this exercise"
and you can confirm this operation or not. Guess that if you don’t confirm it nothing happens again. Even if you confirm this a workspace is restored but you are unable to continue with the exercise, because you can’t type in the editor.

From the change yesterday you are not able to even to skip this exercise and to continue with the next ones as they are locked now.

Really need some guidance from the support team or anyone else to figure out how i can continue with my course.

Many thanks!


the same thing you just explained happen to me and I reset my files and confirm
what happen was I still have my progress but if I want to redo the previous topics I have to do them again.
whatever I did before they update the website is not there
I’m glad my progress is still there
I hope it would be the same thing for you
happy coding!