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Hi, I’m N3rdW. I’m working on JavaScript for beginners, and haven’t gone very far in depth. I’m stuck on Math.random level, and the help, hint, and instructions didn’t help. No matter what variations I try, after copying the hint, and exactly what the directions say, it always comes up with a syntax error. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is the link -


Can you please post your code so we can check?


whats the problem your having can you be more specific


Console.log(Math.random()) * 100, and run every variation I can think of. It’s supposed to generate a random number between 1 and 100.
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Then that’s your problem right there. Go find out what it’s supposed to be. No guessing. You might for example google for “hello world javascript” and then you might try printing a number and then multiply with something and then change one of them to Math.random() – by changing one thing at a time you can tell which part you went wrong with

Console.log(Math.random()) * 100

That is syntactically valid by the way. You’ll probably get an error message saying what is wrong with that


Thank you, I was making a capitalization error. Thanks!


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