Help please 1/14


I don't know what to do
please help


You see this line?

zoo_animals = ["pangolin", "cassowary", "sloth"];

Add another animal to the list, in the same way as the first 3 got there.


thank you mumbermaniac


that will not work for me please help


Do like this:
zoo_animals = ["pangolin", "cassowary", "sloth", "python"];
if len(zoo_animals) > 3:
print "The first animal at the zoo is the " + zoo_animals[0]
print "The second animal at the zoo is the " + zoo_animals[1]
print "The third animal at the zoo is the " + zoo_animals[2]
print "The fourth animal at the zoo is the " + zoo_animals[3]


i still do not understand this i need help now please. someone get back to me when you get the chance...??????


Where are you stuck?


here is my code:
`zoo_animals = ["pangolin", "cassowary", "sloth", "peacock"];

if len(zoo_animals) > 3:
print "pangolin " + zoo_animals[0]
print "cassowary " + zoo_animals[1]
print "sloth " + zoo_animals[2]
print "peacock " + zoo_animals[3]`