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Hi People,
I would like to practice my coding skills since am new to codding and so far am enjoying it. Is there a site that would really help with a java compiler. My reasons for asking is because i have found a lot of challenges installing a java compiler in Win 10 OS. Guys please help.

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i would go through the struggle to install java, online sites are fine for small snippets. But to really build a project, online tools aren’t just as good as an IDE

just install netbeans or eclipse (i would advise netbeans, eclipse is always crashing in my experience) which also handles installing the Java compiler


Thanks, netbeans is really working well for me

Netbeans is nice indeed, eclipse is also nice (maybe give it a try?) but it crashed to often for me, but then that is just persona opinion/experience.

Once you begin to grasp building projects, you can look into JavaSE (standard edition), and JavaEE (enterprise edition). for your own project JavaSE should do.

then the next step would be JRE (java runtime environment) and JVM (java virtual machine), there is a wikipedia page:

but i find that to be a bit confusing

this is better:

A Java virtual machine (JVM), an implementation of the Java Virtual Machine Specification, interprets compiled Java binary code (called bytecode) for a computer’s processor (or “hardware platform”) so that it can perform a Java program’s instructions. Java was designed to allow application programs to be built that could be run on any platform without having to be rewritten or recompiled by the programmer for each separate platform. A Java virtual machine makes this possible because it is aware of the specific instruction lengths and other particularities of the platform. (source)

so java compiles to bytes code (you can google that if you want to), which is then run into JVM to ensure platform independence (so you can run the same code on macOS, Linux, windows and very likely more different operating systems)

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Spidergick, I cannot help you but do not be afraid to ask anything

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