HELP! "Oops, try again. Make sure to put in at least two images..."

Can someone advise what’s wrong with my code? I really can’t figure this out…

You only have one image, you’re on the right track for the other, but it needs to be an <a> that wraps an <img> tag. :slightly_smiling:

You might want to revisit this exercise, to have a syntax refresher on how to make a link. Now, you currently have one image (step 02 of instructions), add a link, and between the link opening tag (<a>) and link closing tag (</a>) add another images, so you have two images total


and the fact that href is an attribute, and not a html element?

Yeah, he just needs to slap an ‘a’ in front of it. Like this, <a href="address"> :slightly_smiling:

yes, indeed. And then between the link tags, just add another image tag with source attribute.

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Absolutely right! :slightly_smiling:

Thanks both - I revisited the lesson like you suggested. Sorry if I’m being really stupid, but I feel like this should be right now?

@iallan, the problem is that you need two pictures, one that is a link, and one that isn’t. Just add another picture, and it’ll be done! :slightly_smiling:

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Amazing - got it!
Thanks so much for your help! :grin: