Help on "WorkAround Explorer" Project in Modules section

Anyone who is still struggling:

  1. Double check your spelling - its common to make a mistake with the camelCasing, which will case errors.
  2. Inspect the squares (if you only have one, go back to step 1 ), once the developer tools are open, open the console. There are already a lot of errors in the console due to the iframe. Scroll to the bottom and look for the “Uncaught” errors - these errors refer to issues that are being caused in the code.

Errors have been placed on purpose to get you to use the console. You have to fix the code according to the errors.



I can’t even get this page to load to even try the project!! Just getting a black screen.

I’ve tried logging out of Codecademy and back in again but no joy. Even reset my pc but still no joy!

All the other modules in this section have loaded fine.

Has anyone else had this problem??

Thanks, gabec123 you just helped me with the formatNumbers function, I was having issues using it in main.js file :slight_smile:

A big shoutout, @gabec123! It was very helpful to compare my code with yours! Note to self: Remember to do regular breaks. Sometimes the mistake is in front of your eyes, and still, you cannot see it. All the best

I was having the same issue as pertty much everyone here. Found a simple fix, the code for importing salaryData.js to workAroundModule.js shoudl be → import { default as salaryData } from ‘./salaryData.js’;
I tried all the suggestions made in this thread and nothing worked until I put in the code above. Now its perfect.
Hope this helps someone at some point!


My problem was that in workAroundModule.js I was still trying to import from ./modules/salaryData.js

But this is the wrong file path. Now that I am already in the /modules/ folder (that’s where workAroundModule.js is stored, the correct file path is now ./salaryData.js

Note that the ./modules/… file path needs to remain in place in main.js when importing.

im stuck on the same spot too and i dont know if its me or the program has a bug? anyone else find the answer?

There are no bugs there. Pay special attention to file paths .