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all it does is it says “none” for everything!
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according to the link that you gave, it is normal that nothing else than “else” is printed because… there is no print statement in the code… the aim of the exercise if to write comments in the code, not to print something on the screen. As long as you can validate your exercise, you are in the right way.


It is fine, it is the console, it always makes a run, since there is nothing to print, it will print None. Later in the course is more about None


Thank you ineeded it


Hi i also find this confusing even when I’ve got answers above it it still prints none at the bottom why?


Haxor gave a detailed explanation about this on the js forum, but for the most part it applies to python as well. It is just the console unit doing this, nothing to bother about


On bringing it all together I its saying the variable monty is incorrect what do I do


Create your own topic, with code + error message and so on so someone can help you