Help on number 6


please help me figure out what number 6 is. ive been stuck for a while


Where's your code?

Try to do the exercise and then post your code here.


My code for step 6 is as follows (please help):

confirm("Are you Ameri-can or Ameri-can't?");
var age = prompt("What's Your Age");
if (age < 13) {
console.log ("You are allowed to play, fella");
else {console.log ("Let's get Crackin'!");
console.log ("You are at a Justin Bieber concert, and you hear this lyric 'Lace my shoes off, start racing.'")
console.log ("Suddenly, Bieber stops and says, 'Who wants to race me?'")
var userAnswer = prompt ("Do you want to race Bieber on stage?");
if (userAnswer === "yes") {
console.log ("You and Bieber start racing. It's neck and neck! You win by a shoelace!");
else {console.log ("Oh no! Bieber shakes his head and sings 'I set a pace, so I can race without pacing.'");
var feedback = prompt("Rate the Game from One to Ten");
if (feedback <= 8) {
console.log ("Thank you! We should race at the next concert!");
else {console.log ("I'll keep practicing");