Help on number 4. How the tables have turn. HELP!


# Create comparative statements as appropriate on the lines below!

# Make me true!
bool_one = 3 < 5  # We already did this one for you!

# Make me false!
bool_two = False

# Make me true!
bool_three = True

# Make me false!
bool_four = False

# Make me true!
bool_five = True


Fashion your responses after the first example given.


Show the right code plz.


You can handle this without any help. If not, then you need to go back and review.


I try my best but it just does not work.


I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU MEAN!!!! :tired_face:

3 < 5

is a comparative expression. The boolean equivalent will be True since 3 is less than 5.

42 > 6 * 8

is an expression that evaluates to False since 42 is not greater than 48. Just write similar comparisons in each statement that return what is asked for.


Please try to understand the lessons before you proceed. If you are a beginner on programming generally, copy and paste is NOT an option.


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