Help on 3/13


Replace this line with your code.


please post your code here and tell us your problem what did you try? so we can help you better :slight_smile:


class Dog {

//The class constructor for the Dog class
public Dog () {


public static void main(String[] args) {



There's no warn or error on the right part,but I cannot get through this part.
I'm new here,hope to get your help.:sleeping:


remove the comment you made then try

//The class constructor for the Dog class


Sincerely thank for answering,the problem's solved.:innocent::thumbsup:


my can't go through


you have extra { bracket on line 12
remove that .

read the instruction carefully and take a look at the example in the lesson.

remove the static keyword from constructor

Always create your own new topic.dont post your problem in other's topic . :slight_smile:


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