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I can't figure out how to make new columns such as title and image.


Hi @aaaaaaaaaf,

  1. What can you not figure out? What file to modify, what to type in that file, how to migrate the database, what?
  2. Please post a link to the exercise you're stuck on so we can look at the exercise ourselves :slight_smile:


@zystvan, here is the link : []


It will also probably help @zystvan out if you post your code and the error that your code brought up so he can help you faster and give you a better response.


@aaaaaaaaaf @bibleman13 is correct, I still need to know what you don't understand in the exercise :slight_smile:


Hello !

I have the exact same difficulties :slight_smile:

here is the exercise text :

"Now that there's an association between Tag and Destination, let's continue and add columns to the migration files.
Open the migration file in db/migrate/ for the tags table, and add the following columns:
a string column called title a string column called image "

Here is my code :

The exercise ask us to create new column of "string" type.. and i don't remember what to do


@gzorax The create_table part creates a database table, and t is an iterator that lets you create a column. So, the syntax to create a column that stores a string would be:

t.string :column_name

If you wanted to store a title for something, that look like this:

t.string :title


Thanks that's perfect :slight_smile:


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