Help on 11


I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I've attached a screenshot of the page. If you spot a mistake please notify me I really want to comeplete this course



your second image, you have scr, it should be src (which is short for source, might make it easier to remember)


Ohhhh! Thank so much I was stuck on this for ages! Thanks again!


Hi, can u help me, i don't understand where im wrong...


this exercises requires you to use xml syntax, in short, this means you need a space between .jpg and /> in both images



do you need help? This is just code without a question


I have been trying to complete this course for such a long time now and I do not know what has gone wrong. Please help me


Remove all of the spaces between src, = and the URL


Thanks so much can not believe it was so simple


No problem!   


ya my code not run.there is a oophs msg.


okay, have you tried every suggestion in this topic? Can we see you code?



if you edit/update your question, leave a reply so i get a notification. Your code is not visible, take the following steps to make your code visible:

select your code and press ctrl + k (or cmd + k if you use a mac)

if this instructions are unclear, you can also insert 3 backticks before and after your code, like so:


the backtick is located above the tab key on your keyboard



copy your code to the forum, select it all (ctrl + a) and then make it visible (ctrl + k)


i dont understand if i copy my html.its not show


i know, i gave you instructions how to make it visible


indent preformatted text by 4 spaces