Help on 10/14 please :)


Hello :smile:
So I'm stuck on10/14 _

Can someone help me please ? :smile:

var iLoveJavaScript = "hai";
var iLoveLearning = "hello";

if(!(iLoveJavaScript && iLoveLearning)) {
// if iLoveJavaScript AND iLoveLearning:
console.log("Awesome! Let's keep learning!");
} else if(!(iLoveJavaScript || iLoveLearning)) {
// if NOT iLoveJavaScript OR iLoveLearning:
console.log("Let's see if we can change your mind.");
} else {
console.log("You only like one but not the other? We'll work on it.");

"set both variables to true"


The two variables at the top need to hold a true or false value not strings
you can do

var iLoveJavaScript = true; //or var iLoveJavaScript = 4<5  (which is true);
var iLoveLearning = false;// or var iLoveLearning = 4>5 (which is false);


Ah right aha, thank you :smile: :smile:

I'm alright on some parts but then other parts I need help aha, O well, You can't be good at everything, right ? :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks again :smile: