Help ! New project ideas, JavaScript

Hello community !
I need help with new project ideas. I already finished few projects like “Minesweeper” , “Tic-Tac-Toe”, “TODO list” & “Snake”. That is my current level of knowledge and I wish to move forwards, but right now I don’t have any ideas what should I do next. My current direction is front-end , pure JS , no libraries. Any suggestions/advice ? Thanks in advance !

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Hi Max1mmus,

I think you should look for a job. I/m sure they will have plenty of projects for you ; )

Hi @method4464320984 , I would love to do that, but where I come from there ain’t much opportunities to do so, that’s why I need more polishing to do here and cover all the basics at least :slight_smile: .
Still looking for advice/suggestions with what should I do next in terms of new projects. :blush: