Help needed with this - Deploy a website -add remote


origin (fetch)                                                 
origin (push)


First, start by running

If it returns with anything other than a null value, run

Otherwise, run

and after that, you should be able to run

with no problem.


Alright. I will try but the lesson didn't gave all those instructions, why?

I'll give it a shot!

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Sometimes, you leave the directory, the directory glitches or isn't carried over, etc.

The git remote -v shows if you have any active remotes, because if you do then you would need to delete them to add a new one.


Git is telling you that you're not in a git repository.
So you'd either move to one, or make one, depending on which better suits the situation (ensure you're in the right place and that it's a git repository)


origin (fetch)
origin (push)

That's what i'm getting and code won't passed.


That's all i se here. How do i move on?


[Problem ]

My problem is solved... Had a bad spelling in the file name for the folder..sigh....

Code works like a charm now..

Thanks so much guys.



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