Help needed with opening color matching game

This is my first post here, sorry if the guidelines are incorrect.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
    <meta charset="UTF-8">
    <title>Color Guessing Game</title>
    <h1>Color Guessing Game</h1>
    <button type=button onclick="runGame()">Start Game</button>
            const COLORS_ARRAY = array ('blue', 'cyan', 'gold');
            const targetIndex = Math.floor(Math.random() * COLORS_ARRAY.length);
            const target = COLORS_ARRAY[targetIndex];
            function runGame() {
            let guess = '';
            let correct= false;
            let numTries = '0';
            console.log ('color picked')
       do {
            guess = prompt('I am thinking of one of these colors:\n\n' + COLORS_ARRAY +
        '\n\nWhat color am I thinking of?\n');
        if (guess === null) {
            alert ('The game has been aborted');
        correct = checkGuess (guess, target)
        } while (!correct);
        alert ('Congradulations');
        numTries += 1;
    function checkGuess(guess, target); {
    let correct = false;
    if (COLORS_ARRAY.includes(guess)) {
        alert ('You have not entered a color on the list.');
    }else if (guess > target) {
            alert ('The color is lower in alphebetical order');
    }else if (guess < target) {
            alert ('The color is higher in alphebetical order');
    }else correct= true;
    } = guess;

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console.log('Hello world!');
console.log('Hello world!');