Help needed with HTML example

Could you please help me find the errors in the html example below? It is for a course at my bachelor.

(Note: We can assume that error.png the image in the same folder as the file is,
and the references to the DOCTYPE and namespace are correct.)

Change the order




Encapsulate line 10 & 11 into a paragraph-Tag

    <p>Hier kommt ein einfaches Beispiel. <br>
           Leider entspricht es nicht dem HTML-Standard</p>

Hi Dafff,

After you do what @leonhard_wettengmx_n said, you need to:

  • Stop using smart quotes (), they cause errors
  • Change <Title> into all lowercase <title>
  • You’ll probably need a space between ' and /> for the <img>.

I would like to thank you for your immediate feedbacks @zystvan and @leonhard_wettengmx_n.

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