Help needed : stuck in a exercise


Before all, I hope I posted in the right place. SOrry if not.

I am stuck in Learn Ruby > Putting the form in formatter > 3/7 (about gets and chomp)

I wrote the code to answer the exercice and press "Run". It searches indefinitely and never stop (there is the "loading" circle that keeps on turning).
I have waited for hours, but nothing changed.
I have reported a bug a few days ago but no answer so far.

Here is the code I wrote

print "What's your first name? "
first_name = gets.chomp

Thanks in advance,



This I happening to me currently.


Did you read the directions below the task? >>

“This checkpoint may seem like it’s running forever, but the terminal to the right is actually waiting for input because of gets.chomp. Answer the question in the terminal and press “Enter” or “Return” to finish checking your work.”

You actually need to type something in the terminal on the right, it took me some time to realize that.


I am quite sure that it was not written when I tried it. I figured it out later.
Sometimes I read to quickly but here it changes quite significantly the length of “Instructions” :slight_smile:


Oh good, I was already wondering “Was that there the last time I did this?” :smiley:


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