-HELP NEEDED- Redux API Codecademy store Project

I have completed the Codecademy Store Project in the Redux section of the Front-End Engineer path. I am having an issue with the input field where you select a quantity once an item has been placed in the cart. I can click on the input field and see all the selections from 1 - 99 but when i try to click them it doesn’t seem to change, I can however keep clicking add to cart on an item and i can increase it that way. The issue is the input field. I have looked on forums and other people seem to be having the same issue, I have checked for typos and I have even found the solution code and referenced it to that but it still isn’t solving my issue. Please can somebody help.

I will leave this link to the project if that will help:

export const addItem = (itemToAdd) => {
  return {
    type: 'cart/addItem',
    payload: itemToAdd,

// Create your changeItemQuantity action creator here.
export const changeItemQuantity = ( name, newQuantity ) => {
  return {
    type: 'cart/changeItemQuantity',
    payload: { name, newQuantity }

const initialCart = {};
export const cartReducer = (cart = initialCart, action) => {
  switch (action.type) {
    case 'cart/addItem': {
      const { name, price } = action.payload;

      // if the item already exists, increase the quantity by 1, otherwise set it to 1
      const quantity = cart[name] ? cart[name].quantity + 1 : 1;
      const newItem = { price, quantity };

      // Add the new item to the cart (or replace it if it existed already)
      return { 
        [name]: newItem 
    case 'cart/changeItemQuantity': {
      const { name, newQuantity } = action.payload;
      const itemToUpdate = cart[name];

      // Create a copy of itemToUpdate and update the quantity prop.
      const updateItem = {
        quantity: newQuantity
      // Return a copy of the cart with the updatedItem included.
      return {
        [name]: updatedItem
    default: {
      return cart;
import React from 'react';
import {
} from '../../utilities/utilities.js';

// Import the changeItemQuantity() action creator.
import { changeItemQuantity } from "./cartSlice.js";

export const Cart = (props) => {
  const { cart, currencyFilter, dispatch } = props;

  const onInputChangeHandler = (name, input) => {
    // If the user enters a bad value...
    if (input === '') {

    // Otherwise, convert the input into a number and pass it along as the newQuantity.
    const newQuantity = Number(input);

    // Dispatch an action to change the quantity of the given name and quantity.
    dispatch(changeItemQuantity( name, newQuantity ));

  // Use the cart and currencyFilter slices to render their data.
  const cartElements = [];
  for (let item in cart) {

  const total = calculateTotal(cart, currencyFilter);
  return (
    <div id="cart-container">
      <ul id="cart-items">{cartElements}</ul>
      <h3 className="total">
        Total{' '}
        <span className="total-value">
          {getCurrencySymbol(currencyFilter)}{total} {currencyFilter}

  function createCartItem(name) {
    const item = cart[name];

    if (item.quantity === 0) {

    return (
      <li key={name}>
          onChange={(e) => {
            onInputChangeHandler(name, e.target.value);
          {[...Array(100).keys()].map((_, index) => (
            <option key={index} value={index}>

I’m a bit late to this forum, and am working and struggling with this project myself, but was wondering whether it had anything to do with the fact that you’ve declared const updateItem (without the ‘d’) and then correctly used updated item in [name: updatedItem]?