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Jagged arrays

Great work! That's a fine-looking multidimensional array you've got there. (Yours is nested once, so it's a two-dimensional array, but if you really wanted, you could put arrays inside arrays inside arrays for even more dimensions.)

Sometimes you want arrays that aren't as nice and even as your 3 x 3 two-dimensional array: you may have three elements in the first row, one element in the second row, and two elements in the third row. JavaScript allows those, and they're called jagged arrays.



Hi In the instruction they aske you to create a jagged which is the equivalent of a two dimensional and that have at least two row like that var jagged = [ [1], [2] ] and inside them you can put whatever you want. and the row shouln'd have the same lenght so it should be like that for example...

var jagged = [[1,2][1,2,3]]