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I’m a newbie programmer who uses a Mac ios version 10.14.6 - I’ve been working on the Lingua Franca project for Python but have discovered that my terminal does not work properly. I keep receiving error messages for multiple tasks, even though I follow the solutions to the letter. Can you help? Examples below:

Task 7: “…move Chinese.txt file to the asia directory”
I tried using the following code:

$ mv europe/chinese.txt asia 

However, all this did was delete the chinese.txt from my europe directory altogether. I could not find it anywhere, I even physically went into the folders and checked each one, but it’s totally gone.

Task 10: “Please copy the todo files to their appropriate locations under the current top-level directory.”

Again, I used the appropriate code:

$ cp todo/africa/* africa 

and received this error message:

$ cp todo/africa/: No such file or directory

Task 14: “List the files, across all the continent directories, that end with .txt that have no content and save the listing in a file, empty_files.txt , in the todo/ directory.”

I tried a few things that I thought might work, but nothing did - this includes creating a new empty_files.txt file. Out of frustration, I checked the Solutions page and copied the code from there:

 $ wc -l */*.txt | grep 0 > todo/empty_files.txt

I received an error message:

-bash: todo/empty_files.txt: No such file or directory

Here’s a link to the exercise I want help with. Any help would be amazing, thank you!
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If you’re using relative paths then the current working directory is very important. Make sure you’re in the specified directory or you’ll likely run into issues, that seems like the most likely issue when it comes to working with the todo/ directory.

So far as I’m aware most tasks are designed to be complete from the parent lingua-franca directory containing the following contents (the text below is output by ls -RF):

africa/  asia/  europe/  northamerica/  southamerica/  spanish.txt  todo/


arabic.txt  chinese.txt  hebrew.txt  hindi.txt  japanese.txt  korean.txt  malay.txt

english.txt  french.txt  german.txt  italian.txt  portuguese.txt  russian.txt

english.txt  french.txt


africa/  asia/  europe/


bengali.txt  punjabi.txt


Just double check you’re in the same place with the same contents. It might be necessary to extract the original zipped file contents again to get back the original state if you’ve moved or deleted certain files.

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Thank you! This really helped point me in the right direction. :slight_smile:

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