Help naming a variable


This excercise seems pretty easy and straight forward but i keep getting the message that i haven't named a variable myCountry. Even though I have name var x = myCountry. Here is my code.

 Declare a variable on line 3 called
// myCountry and give it a string value.
var x = "myCountry";

// Use console.log to print out the length of the variable myCountry.

// Use console.log to print out the first three letters of myCountry.

This code puts out exactly what the directions are asking for but it won't give me a pass.
I'm sure that this is a really easy fix, i'm just not seeing it and its driving me nuts.


You need to name THE VARIABLE "myCountry". Simple misunderstanding. Would look like this:

var myCountry = "'Murica";

Good work.


Wow, i knew it would be obvious. Thanks a bunch.