Help me

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>Aulia Rosiana Widiardhani</title>
	<img src = ""/></body>
	<p>Aku seorang mahasiswi Uny semester 5 di pendidikan teknik informatika. Aku Suka Mengajar. Aku Hidup Bahagia. Suatu Saat pun aku insyaallah dapat jodoh yang faham sukses dunia akherat.. amiin</p>
    	    <li>mendengarkan nasehat</li>
    	    <li>Koding, yeah!</li>
	<p>my written in one years later when i am a university student. i am in last semester.  </p>
	<ol>something that i want to reach out 
	<li>pass from this university with cumlaude predicate 
	<li>be a programmmer web expert </li>
	<li>have a activity that produce much money </li>
	<li>be good daughter for may parent</li>

I would recommend telling what error message you are getting and what lesson you are on to help moderators and help deskers answer your question faster and give better advice on what to do to fix your problem.

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