Help me!


why it is wrong ???


You'll have to explain what you mean by "wrong"! (generally not a useful term, along with "work" as they just say "does (not) do what I want" without saying what that is)

Identifying the problem is also how you start solving it, both increasing the chance that you fix it yourself and showing that you've tried to do so.

If you're unable to identify the problem, then you'll have to explain what the perceived problem is and ask about how to approach it.


ok .. i don’t know what the problem is so i ask anyone to help me :slight_smile:
whatever this message is what i saw every time i run the code


That error message begs the question of: did you print something?

If yes, then perhaps it wasn't quite right
If no, then you'll have to investigate how to print something and how that differs from what you wrote


In this case, You have to call a function when it is outside of the function.

var foodDemand = function(food) {
console.log("I want to eat" + " " + food);


Hope it helps.


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