Help me!


This is actually unrelated to codecademy, but I needed a forum to come to. This is the link:
Ideally, it will tell you if you put in too many or too little numbers, but right now it always tells you that you put in the wrong amount of numbers. Please help!


add an alert below of where you create Input:

var Input = document.getElementById("lotto")

you can see, you get the inputfield, you should get the value of the input field. Not the inputfield itself


How can I make it show me the value of the input field. It used to be working, but then I changed something to add another feature. The new feature didn't work, so I put it back to where it was. Or at least I tried to. Just using :

var Input = document.getElementById("lotto")

used to work.


no, you need to use value. here is a question about it. getElementById will just get you the element, not the value of the element