Help me!


I don’t know what to do in 10 math (python).


go through instruction
set the variable count_to

count_to  = ##here your number which store in **count_to** variable name.

then just add a number in a count_to variable like this

count_to = 234 + 234

and lastly, print count_to which is already written. in your exercise, if not then write and run


I tried

count_to = 45 + 56
print count_to

It is still not working!


but its working have a look I tried your code just for confirm you that it’s working… if your code still not working then change your web browser(for only his exercise) maybe it worked
this is chrome


I did that but I can’t still figure it out!
Did you really finish in that way?


Yes, this is simple…


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